Google AdSense CPC

The cost-per-click (CPC) is the revenue you earn when someone click on your ad. The CPC is depend on the advertiser. Some advertiser paying more money for advertise in other hand some advertiser paying less money.

The cost-per-click (CPC) is also depend on the country. In country like India get less money as compare to country like USA, UK.


For example a click on an ad from USA and UK can pay you up to $1 to $2 and click on same ad from India can pay you $.03 to $0.25.

How to increase AdSense CPC

Increase AdSense CPC depend upon many things like


To increase AdSense CPC the content is very important. Always try to write good content that fulfilment the requirement of user query. A good and unique content must increase your Adsense CPC.


If most of the visitor for your website or blog coming from country like USA and UK then the CPC your CPC must be high.


Google Adsense CPC is also depend upon the platform. Click from Laptop, Desktop are giving more revenue as compare to mobile and tablet.

Ad network

Almost 2500 to 3000 Ad network are under Google adsense. Some Ad network give less than $0.05 .You can go there and see yourself how much each ad network is paying you. You can also allow or block ad network there easily as per your choice.

Allow these ad network which give more CPC.

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