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Google AdSense Tutorial

Google AdSense is one of the most popular and highest paying online advertisement service provided by Google.

Using Google AdSense you can generate revenue by placing ad on your website or blog.

It is a free and simple way to earn money.


Right ads for your website

Right ads for your website means Google AdSense only show the ad on your website that is relevant to your content.


Suppose your website content is about education then the ad appear on your website are related to education or technology.

Highest paying ads

Only the highest paying ads are live on your website or blog.

Control in your hand

You can block the ads that you don’t like to appear on your website .

You can choose ad size as per your choice and put the ad where you want to place it.

Responsive ads

Now a days huge number of user coming from mobile devices so to make your website more mobile friendly Google AdSense provide responsive ads.


Google launch AdSense program on June 18, 2003.

The official link for Google AdSense is

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