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History Laravel framework

Over the years, Laravel has gone through several major releases, each bringing new features, improvements, and bug fixes. Some of the notable versions and their key features include:

  1. Laravel 1: also known as "Laravel Spark," was released in August 2011. This is the initial release of Laravel, providing the foundation for future versions.
  2. Laravel 2: was released in September 2011, Introduced support for controllers, routing, and basic authentication.
  3. Laravel 3: was released in February 2012 with Major improvements like including a refined syntax, support for composer, and a modular system.
  4. Laravel 4: also known as "Laravel Illuminate," was released in May 2013. A significant overhaul, incorporating support for Eloquent ORM, Blade templating engine, and more.
  5. Laravel 5: was released in February 2015 and introduced Laravel’s command-line interface (Artisan), middleware, and a revamped directory structure.
  6. Laravel 6: was released in September 2019 and introduced new features like support for semantic versioning, a new job scheduler, and support for Laravel Vapor, a serverless deployment platform for Laravel applications.
  7. Laravel 7: was released in March 2020 and introduced new features like including a new HTTP client, improved routing speed, and support for custom Eloquent casts.
  8. Laravel 8: was released in September 8th, 2020 Added Laravel Jetstream, model factories improvements, and dynamic blade components.
  9. Laravel 9: was released in February 8th, 2022.
  10. Laravel 10: was released in February 14th, 2023.

Throughout its history, Laravel has played a crucial role in shaping the PHP ecosystem and has remained one of the top choices for web developers when building .