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FPDF Tutorial

FPDF is a PHP library which used to generate PDF . FPDF is an open source library. You can use it for any kind of usage and modify it to suit your needs.

    FPDF has other advantages: high level functions, between its main features are:
  • Choice of measure unit, page format and margins.
  • Page header and footer management.
  • Automatic page break.
  • Automatic line break and text justification.
  • Image support (JPEG, PNG and GIF).
  • Colors.
  • Links.
  • TrueType, Type1 and encoding support.
  • Page compression.
FPDF requires no extension (except Zlib to enable compression and GD for GIF support). PHP version requires at least PHP 5.1.



$pdf = new FPDF();
$pdf->Cell(40,10,'Hello World!');

Run it yourself