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CSS Fonts

In CSS fonts are used to change the font-family, size, weight, or boldness and variant of text.

CSS Font weight

The font-weight property is used to set the weight or boldness of a font. Valid values are :

Number: from 1 to 1000

Normal: 400 set as font-weight to show normal text.

Bold: 700 sets as font-weight to show the text as bold.

Lighter: Text show lighter than normal

Bolder: Same text as Bold

CSS Font size

The font-size CSS is used to set the size of a font. Valid values are:
Xx-small, x-small, small, etc.

CSS Font Style

The font-style CSS property is used to change the style of the text. Valid values:

Normal: Sets the font to its normal style.

Italic: Sets the font to italic.

Oblique: Sets the font style to Oblique.

CSS font Variant

The font-variant property is used to sets whether a text should be displayed normally or in small caps.

Valid values:
Normal: Specifies a normal font-face.
Small-cases: lower case letters are converted to the upper case then letter change to a smaller font.