How to change the Wifi Password of Technicolor modem

To change the password of Technicolor modem please follow the below step:-


First of all connect to the Wifi network through a computer and access the link After access the link you find the below page on your computer screen.

Note :If connect through wifi not working please try with LAN connection



Please put the

User name: factory
Password: factory

If the above user id Password not working please put

user name: ortel
password: ortel123

Then after success fully login we find the below page



After showing this page please click on the wireless link that seen on the top of the menu bar.After click on the wireless link it shows the below page.



Then click on the Primary network link of the side bar to access the password change page of your wifi network.


Final Step

Then click on the text area of WPA Pre-Shared Key to change your password. After successfully change your password please click on the apply bottom of the same page. Now please login with your new password

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