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Download Apartment visitor management system app Android


Project Details:

The Apartment visitor management system for keeping the records of visitor. The main objective of the project is to avoid pen and paper and easily search a visitor through his name or email id and phone number.

Can track the in time, out time and whom the user meet.

You can also get the hours he/she spent a perticular day through this system.


  1. Can manage security
  2. Can check daily, monthly visitor report
  3. Can check the in time, out time of a visitor
  4. Can search a visitor by data, phone no, email or name


  1. Can able to add visitor
  2. Can able to see visitor list that he was added

How to run the Project

  1. Download the Project.
  2. Unzip the project file and paste in the root directory of htdocs or www.
  3. Create a database.
  4. Import the sql file in your database.(sql file will be available inside the zip file).
  5. Open any Browser and run the URL : http://localhost/projectFoldername

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